How do I set up an RSL business profile?

To create an RSL business profile:

1. From your RSL rider app, tap the menu icon in the upper left
2. Tap "Settings," then scroll down and tap "Add Business Profile"
3. Select or add the payment method you want to use for your business rides (this can be your corporate credit card or another card you use for business)
4. Enter your work email address to receive your business ride receipts
5. Optional: Select your company's expense provider to enable automatic receipt forwarding (You'll receive an email to complete the linking process)

**Important**: Adding a work email and credit card to your business account ensures trips taken on your business profile are charged to your work credit card and receipts are sent to your work email address.

You can also create a business profile on desktop by going to our website. Sign into your account (or create an account if you don't have one already), then follow the instructions.

Please note, your business profile must be selected before or during any ride that you'd like charged to your business credit card.